• Innovative tools for distribution of ENC
  • Well-proven service for quality control
  • Complete control over own ENCs
  • Around-the-clock access to the ENC database
  • Extensive HO community with common interests in ENC production
  • Support for all relevant IHO data standards
  • Annual upgrades and continuous technical development
  • Tools which permit the provision of national services
  • Coordination and sharing of ENC related knowledge
  • Years of experience with ENC producing nations


We work closely with our cooperating member states and their HOs worldwide to ensure that ENC data is quality controlled and distributed to the end-user market.

These members deliver a comprehensive selection of ENCs to us, and we in return offer various levels of membership and tailored tools for the efficient delivery, exchange and assurance of data quality.

Our extensive ENC producer network provides a wide selection of ENCs worldwide through a number of agreements. These include HOs cooperating with us through the PRIMAR RENC, through the IC-ENC RENC or directly through a separate agreement.