ECDIS 2012 Mandate

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) approved amendments to the international convention for SOLAS at the 86th session of the Maritime Safety Committee in June 2009 which made it compulsory to fit an ECDIS.

The amendment to SOLAS means that all large passenger liners, tankers and cargo ships will be obliged to fit ECDIS on a rolling timetable which begins in July 2012.


The timetable for newbuilds is based on the date the vessel's keel was laid. Existing vessels will be required to fit ECDIS in advance of the first survey after the implementation date. No requirements are specified for existing cargo vessels of less than 10 000 gross tons. Flag states may exempt vessels which will be taken permanently out of service within two years of the implementation date.

Only ENCs meet SOLAS carriage requirements for charts on an ECDIS. Certain ECDIS manufacturers  support the IHO's S-57 and S-63 standards, and their equipment can be used in conjunction with ENCs.

Our distributors provide their customers with worldwide coverage of ENCs and a chart service compliant with the regulations.

We give distributors the freedom to use the tools offered, and to choose and create customised solutions which suit their business and their customers. This allows them to provide appropriate advice and assistance to customers for ships affected by the mandate.

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