• Available around the clock
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible solutions for our partners
  • Cumulative service
  • In accordance with international standards

ENC CD distribution


We deliver a weekly cumulative ENC CD service to our distributors for further distribution to their ENC end users.

The ENCs on these CDs are encrypted according to international standards and can only be viewed by a compatible system and with a valid ENC permit.

The base CD set, issued approximately four times per year, contains an encrypted copy of all ENCs available from our service (base and update files) at the time of production. The weekly update CD contains an encrypted copy of all ENCs (base and update files) issued since the base CD set was produced. All files are provided on a single CD.

ENC CD download
Our distributors have access for downloading the weekly PRIMAR CD content (image) on the PRIMAR website. 

We inform distributors when the weekly CD content is published. If end users require a download of the CD content, our open web service is available.

The ECDIS/ECS system should be supplied with the latest full base CD and the latest weekly update CD to ensure that the user has the latest updated ENCs.