• Available around the clock
  • Full control of your ENCs
  • Flexible solutions for our partners
  • Encrypted transfer of ENCs
  • ENC quality tools and services
  • ENC data storage
  • ENC data selection
  • Save time and resources
  • In accordance with international standards

PRIMAR Database Management


Our online-based services allow an HO to access its own data at any time, as long as it has an internet connection. Extensive reports provide full control and overview of usage and sales for the HOs ENCs.

The internet makes it possible to perform an encrypted transfer of ENCs from an HO directly to our database. These data are then made available for quality control (insert hyperlink), a set of minimum checks which will be listed after upload.

Before the data are quality controlled, they are stored in a "pre-release" database which may be accessed both by us and by the HO in order to carry out quality control.

Once the data has successfully passed through quality control and are released, they remain accessible in the "released database". The HO has complete control in the "released database" and are as such allowed to access all the updated ENCs and easily download them in both encrypted and unencrypted form. Options are also available for data transfer between states.