• Services for national maritime use
  • Official updated charts
  • Compliance with international regulations
  • User-friendly tools
  • Flexible solutions
  • On-going support services
  • Cost-effective tools for government users

PRIMAR governmental services


A basic requirement for effective and secure communication and infrastructure on land or at sea is that everyone operates with the same geographical references.

To make this possible, we offer services to member states of the RENC which improve safe and efficient management of operations across separate but interlinked environments.

Our governmental services make a strong contribution to safe navigation and to increased maritime safety for marine operations and traffic management in near-shore waters.

ENC services for Pilots, VTS and Naval Forces

Our tools ensure efficient and simple ENC distribution to national and naval users. The technology enables the distribution of ENCs around the clock through:

  • An ENC catalogue for ordering, distributing and administering ENCs and customers
  • ENC CD and online distribution including ENC decryption keys

Web chart service

Our web chart service uses the internet to deliver chart images derived from the content of updated ENCs made available by ENC providers.

This service generates an actual image of the geographic information, and sends it as images directly to the end user's mapping application. Any application or web browser supporting the web map service (WMS) standard can easily access and use the service.

Benefits of the PRIMAR Web Chart service:

  • Flexible viewing of chart information
  • Chart content query functionality
  • Predefined and self-defined presentation styles
  • Integration with other geographical information
  • Around-the-clock availability

Inspector service for port state control

Inspector is an internet-based service. This service gives port-state-control inspectors real-time access to a wide pool of ENC information for a vessel.

Benefits of the PRIMAR Inspector service:

  • Assurance of adequate ENC coverage for the intended voyage
  • Efficient verification that the official electronic charts are used
  • Cost efficiency due to preparation
  • Focus on official charts and safety at sea
  • Free of charge and available around the clock