• Global ENC coverage
  • Extensive distributor network
  • Intuitive and comprehensive customer management tools
  • Simple ENC ordering and distribution
  • Around-the-clock access to services
  • On-going support services
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Collaboration for the development of innovative solutions
  • Annual upgrades and continuous technical development

How to become a PRIMAR distributor?

Our ENC distributors are carefully selected on the basis of their experience and expertise in dealing with the maritime community and in supplying navigational products and services.

When applying to become one of our distributors please provide us with a marketing plan demonstrating compliance with all the requirements for becoming a PRIMAR distributor, and a brief description of the following:

  • Organisation structure
  • Business objectives/strategies with regards to ENC distribution
  • Details of marketing, promotion and customer support functions
  • Sales forecasts to support the minimum sales requirement of 6 000,- USD per annum
  • Existing services and navigational products
  • Geographical regions covered
  • Customer profile
  • Please provide at least two financial and business references
  • Any other relevant information

Please forward your application to

Note that an applicant distributor may be requested to meet with PRIMAR in Stavanger to discuss the application, before a final decision is made.