• View ENC coverage
  • Plan a route
  • Create basket files
  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Quotation and sales reports
  • ENC online services
  • Direct permit access
  • Available around the clock

PRIMAR Chart Catalogue


The PRIMAR chart catalogue is a web-based tool that allows for the viewing of the ENC coverage available in our service. The application is available for everyone that wishes to view coverage and create ENC basket files. The application is in addition a user-friendly and efficient ENC ordering tool available around the clock for all our ENC distributors.

It´s main functionalities include:

  • Visualisation of the current ENC coverage available
  • ENC order processing and permit delivery for our distributors
  • Customer and vessel management
  • Pre-order price calculation
  • Visibility value added services
  • Simplified quotation/order process
  • Pending quotations
  • Reports
  • End-user functionality

The PRIMAR chart catalogue is a web based tool and does not require any installation. It works with any browser.
For more details about the web-based catalogue's functionality see the PRIMAR Chart Catalogue user manual. 


The online web version replaces the old desktop chart catalogue.

For users still requiring the old version please follow these instructions:

Start PRIMAR Chart Catalogue:
1. Install Java
2. Start the PRIMAR Chart Catalogue application

For more details about the desktop chart catalogue's functionality see the PRIMAR Chart Catalogue user manual. 

For any questions related to the use of the PRIMAR Chart Catalogue, or if you experience any issues using the tool, please contact