• Validity checks of all ENCs
  • Quality and consistency control
  • Detailed and userfriendly reports
  • Easy access to historical data
  • Object and attribute information
  • Comparing of border areas
  • Classified errors and warnings
  • References to international standards
  • Convertion to readable formats

PRIMAR Quality Assurance Tools


Validation report
All ENCs delivered to us undergoe a set of validity checks. The main tool used for ENC quality control is the validation report checker (VRC), which gives access to a whole range of different tools for checking the quality and consistency of the ENC product.

If any errors are detected from the approved validation tools used, the ENCs will be rejected. All messages reported are categorised with guidance on how to proceed with the validation of the ENCs. Historical data from the validation process of each ENC is stored and easily accessible in the VRC.

ENC consistency
The ENC consistency tool compares uploaded ENCs and checks for vertical and horizontal inconsistencies. ENCs can be compared vertically, so that the content of two ENC cells can be viewed simultaneously. At the same time, the ENC display will provide access to object/attribute information for the ENC cells being checked. When choosing to check for horizontal inconsistency, the ENC border areas of two neighbour countries can be compared.

S-57 Advisor
The S-57 Advisor facilitates the search for ENC quality information and contains errors/warnings discovered when ENCs have been validated by the approved validation tools. It also contains error messages from ECDIS systems which are discovered during our quality review of ENCs.

The errors/warnings are listed with a description and references to international standards. All errors/warnings are classified as either "HO to check", "Failed" or "Accepted". The S-57 Advisor database is kept continuously updated.

ISO 8211 to Text
This tool can be used to convert both S-57 and S-101 files to a readable format, enabling the HOs to look deeper into the structure of the data format if required.