• Highlights the changes in the ENC
  • Modified objects easy to identify
  • Detailed change information
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Helps planning and navigation
  • Improves ENC knowledge

PRIMAR Update Tracker (PUT)

View and Track Changes made since the last ENC Update


The Primar Update Tracker (PUT) increases the user's ENC update familiarization,allowing him to step through the updates and changes in his active chart folio. Such a visualization of the ENC update will contribute to improve the userĀ“s situational awareness either for navigation or planning purpose. The user may also find it useful if he wishes to become more familiar with the waters he frequently operates in.
The PRIMAR Update Tracker (PUT) functionalities
By using the PRIMAR Update Tracker (PUT) the user can see the changes in the ENC content from an earlier state.
  •  Easy access
  •  Web based
  •  Allows the timeline selection and comparison of the ENC content
  •  ENC update information displayed in both text and graphic format on the chart
The PRIMAR Update Tracker (PUT) is available to distributors and users with a valid PRIMAR ENC subscription. PRIMAR distributors will also be able to implement PUT in their B2B interface. The user needs only to be identified with a valid ENC subscription registered with PRIMAR. 
Download here the PRIMAR Update Tracker product description.  
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