• Web based
  • Easy to integrate with other geographical data
  • See the same picture for both off-shore and on-shore personnel
  • Fast speed of display and rendering
  • Available 24/7

Web Chart Service

Work With Charts Online


The PRIMAR Web Chart Service uses the internet to deliver chart images derived from the content of updated ENCs made available by ENC providers. The service generates an actual image of the geographic information, and sends the image directly to the end user's mapping application. Any web-browser or application that supports the web map service (WMS) can easily access and use the service. 
For  on-shore  and  off-shore  workers, the  ENC images  you  view  on  your  computer  screen  are identical  to  the  data  the  captain  sees  on  the ship's navigation instruments. When  the  service  is  integrated  with  other technical  features  installed  on  most  vessels nowadays, it  enables  easy  monitoring  and planning.
This service is not for navigation, but for viewing ENCs on web and in GIS applications without an ECDIS or ECS. The PRIMAR Web Chart Service enables the user to click on a chart feature and display its S-57 attribute values, with customisable presentation styles, choice of colours and symbols and transparency functionality to enable integration with other geographical information.
PRIMAR offers two Web Chart Service options so that the user can select the option which suits him best.
PRIMAR Web Chart Service Option 1– Based on ENC Licence 
On board a vessel, the Distributors´ End-Users are allowed to use unlimited display screens within a single End-User license. These screens must be a part of a single vessel´s navigation and/or operational system. 
A maximum of 5 (five) hardware systems per license are allowed for shore based installations for single End-User licenses.
Shore based installations are defined as office use, VTS, pilots and maritime inspectors, etc. In this instance, pilots are defined as separate End-Users, each requiring a separate license. Each pilot can use their ENC license on a maximum of five hardware systems (e.g. PPU, PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone).
This option allows the user to view images of the purchased ENC's on any web-browser or application on a limited number of hardware systems and is therefore suitable for smaller organisations or on a vessel where the need for WMS viewing is limited.
PRIMAR Web Chart Service Option 2- Unlimited WMS License
A Web Chart Licence can be utilized within one organisation, irrespective of the location and number of users.
The Web Chart Service license includes use in a Distributor website/portal or service as long as access is restricted to authenticated users and can be controlled by the Distributor. 
The user can order a WMS licence on a country-by-country basis, or for the complete PRIMAR ENC database.
This option is well suited for larger organisations who want ENC chart images to be available across different locations, or combination of vessel and office-environments for instance.   
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